Healthy Baby Snacks

Have you mamas surfed the internet looking for good, healthy homemade baby snacks like I have?  Well, for me I couldn’t seem to find much!  Of course there’s plenty of homemade baby food puree recipes out there, but I actually had a hard time finding homemade snacks for my toddler to nibble on.  I stumbled across a recipe from The Coconut Mama and it sounded worth a try to make.  And trust me, it was worth it!  My kids(1 & 2) enjoyed nibbling on these nutrient packed snacks and it made me happy they were eating good stuff not grain and gluten and other goo-goo stuff that’s in many baby snacks.


I try to buy organic or locally grown as much as I can when making meals or snacks for my family.  For this recipe, I used the following products below to make these healthy snacks.


So what’s the good stuff in it?  Everything!  Here are the few ingredients from the recipe by The Coconut Mama:

Chia Seeds- High in fiber and a great source of protein.  Rich in essential fatty acids and high in OMEGA-3s.

Organic Sunflower Butter- Excellent source of protein and nut free.

Coconut flour- Gluten-free and raw.

Organic Apple Sauce and Sweet Potato Puree- Rich in vitamins and nutrients like beta carotene and vitamin C.


This nutrient packed snack according to The Coconut Mama is gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, vegan, sugar-free, nut-free, egg-free, and part of the paleo diet.


When I made this recipe the second time around, I had my daughter help by rolling the little balls for me.  I found this a fun way for us to do something in the kitchen together and it made her more excited to eat them when they finished baking in the oven!


Get the full recipe here from The Coconut Mama.  Also, if you have any healthy, homemade recipes that you make for your kiddos please comment below to share them!  Mahalo and eat well!

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